El MWC 2014 anticipa la era en la que todo se vuelve inteligente

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Atendiendo a lo que se pudo ver y palpar recorriendo los inmensos pabellones del Mobile World Congress , perdiéndose entre los pasillos y escuchando a los expertos, el futuro está mucho más cerca de lo que a veces se cree.

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6 Things To Watch For Better Gmail Deliverability

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For most email marketers, reaching the inbox at Gmail is difficult, and trying to discover why emails aren’t reaching the inbox is downright confusing, if not nearly impossible. (Though Google is reportedly piloting a feedback loop program for email service providers (ESPs) that might help address this.) For now, Gmail’s Bulk Sender Guidelines offer general […]

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How To Start Using Augmented Reality In The Classroom – Edudemic – by @BRHolland

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Augmented Reality (AR) allows teachers and students to extend the physical world with a virtual overlay. Whether you have iPad, Android, or a smartphone, scanning a trigger in the physical world with an AR app allows a new layer of information to appear. This information could be a link to a web site, a video, …

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6 Cloud-based Tools For Creating Mobile & Web Apps

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Living in the age of the web, it has become essential to create applications for both the web and mobile platforms. In order to build the best apps, you need the best tools. But, there are many tools available in the market, so it can be tricky deciding which one is the most appropriate. In this post, some of the best cloud-based tools to help developers in the process of building excellent apps are identified. 

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