Learning Theories Main Map

This Concept Map, created with IHMC CmapTools, has information related to: Learning Theories Main Map, operant developed by Skinner, Conditioning both operant, Pavlov famous names in Behaviourism, Behaviourism learning as rote memory, Situated Cognition learning requires Interaction with the living world, Cognitive Theory encompasses Social Cognitive Theory, Inter-related and Connected they include strategies, Skinner famous names in Behaviourism, experiential learning includes Ausebel’s Assimilation, Constructivism is experiential learning, Cognitive Theory led to Constructivism, Situated Cognition Focus on Social Environments Social Cognitive Theory, Cognitive Theory encompasses Ausebel’s Assimilation, Humanistic View Focus on the Individual Cognitive Theory, Linking Learning Theories Yvonne Dawydiak ETEC512 sec.64B are Inter-related and Connected, Conditioning both classical, Behaviourism learning as Conditioning, Cognitive Theory encompasses Information Processing, Bandura known for Social Cognitive Theory, Distributed Cognition Focus on Social Environments Social Cognitive Theory

Source: cmapspublic.ihmc.us

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